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Crafts Emporium was started 5/2/09, originally as a way to make extra money. Later that same day, it was expanded to a business where local Crafters could combine their products together to increase their advertising capabilities. A potion of the profits Crafts Emporium receives from the sale of these products is donated to local charities around the state each month. Each product is assembled by hand in North Carolina. The Emporium is dedicated to my mother, without whom I would not have been inspired to create this business.

This website was created 5/10/09 in order to help our Crafts Emporium Crafters offer products online. Every Crafter is provided with a Homepage that tells a bit about the Crafter and what that person's specialties are.

We started accepting Credit Cards through Paypal 5/29/09. Thank you Paypal!!

5/30/09 The Scrolling Mouse Trailer works now!!!! Thank you Wicked Moon Cards for the mouse trailer!!

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